Sunday, May 8, 2016

2.5 Hours in the Life of Someone With Chronic Fatigue


8:50am: Fiance wakes me up to give me a kiss before he goes to work.

10:30am: Alarm goes off. I am too tired, and need more sleep, so I silence it. I've been sleeping for so long that the humidifier on my CPAP has run out of water, drying out my nasal passages, but I'm too tired to get up and get more water, so I deal with it.

Sometime in between 10:30 and Noon: I am still asleep, and I have a dream about going on a high school band trip to Indiana.

Noon. I wake up. Too tired to get out of bed, so I check Facebook.

12:15: Saw someone in my business group was trying to get a hold of me. Feel guilty because my brain is too tired to respond, and can't really focus enough to have a proper conversation, even on Facebook Messenger.

12:30. Move to couch. Finish a show on Netflix.

1:30: Still too tired to move, but desperately need coffee. We don't have any coffee. I'm wearing a cute outfit, but it's yesterday's outfit (was too tired to change into pajamas) but it's too cold to wear it outside, so I get up the strength to change my clothes. Sometimes I wear these really cute heels that I got, but today I am too tired to even balance, so I wear vans.

1:35: Look in mirror. CPAP has caused lines on my face. (That's what wearing a CPAP for twelve hours straight will do.) Put on moisturizer.

1:45: Walk up hill. It feels like I am hauling up about ten cinder blocks with me, but really I am just holding two books and a small backpack. I was going to go to a different store to buy coffee to avoid going uphill, but needed to return library books, so I had to walk up the hill and decided to go to the cheaper store while I was there.

2pm: See a friend. She tells me to stop by where she is working. I am too tired.

2:30: Come home. Look at Facebook, Finally get up the strength to go into the office to work. Actually, just kidding - I only went to the office because the wifi on my phone was acting weird. No attention span for work.

2:33pm: Consider going back to sleep. Tired.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Things to Know About Extroverts

I have been reading a LOT of things online about introversion/extroversion. I think it's pretty evident that introverts are better: more sensitive, caring, etc. 

There's enough about introverts online. 

However, this article is not about introverts. It's about to warn you of the dangers of extroverts.

Read on for some tips.

Extroverts are Satan.

Extroverts are Satan, but not the cool kind of Satan that cool metal bands write about. Extroverts are basically pure evil - they are out to hurt people, and on PURPOSE. Specifically introverts. 

Did you know that Hitler was an extrovert? Any bad person you can think of was and is.

Extroverts Purposely Hurt People - Often

Extroverts are very insensitive. They definitely push their values on other people (again, on purpose.) Any mistakes they make are to ruin the lives of others, specifically introverts.

Extroverts Do Lots of Drugs

Did you know that 80% of the prison population that has been imprisoned for drugs are extroverts? It's because they need to be social and people reject that because being social and outgoing is a burden to others, so they just do drugs a lot and then get arrested for it because they can't get their social needs met.

Extroverts Have No Regard for Others

They are assholes. 

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