Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No biological babies for me.

I want kids.   

I cannot have kids.  Financially, by myself, it does not make sense.  At all.  Ever. 

Even if it is with a dude, it gets sketchy.  I'm going to have to screen for income and spending habits, because for the love of God, it's not looking good. 

Click on the pictures to make them bigger. 

See that picture?  That is me.  I am cute.  Who wouldn't want to knock me up? 

 Oh!  But look!  Here's a picture of me and the dude who knocked me up!  (What can I say? I like skinny dudes.)

Good news!  We have equal incomes!  We can make it, kinda! 

(I actually made a picture for scenario 1 but it didn't save right.  So pretend there is one and that we both take home $2800 a month and it's super doable but we never see our baby but that's okay!)

Okay!  Sounds good!  But what if he makes half of what I do? :(

Orrrrr he doesn't want to live with me but he makes equal to me and pays child support?

 Orrrr what if he doesn't/can't/will not pay child support? 

Use condoms, kids.