Saturday, April 28, 2012

What makes me fat and broke?


I like booze.  I like hot bartenders.  I like drinking booze while talking to hot bartenders.  I like drinking booze with my friends.  I like talking to bar patrons while drinking booze.  I JUST LIKE PEOPLE AND TALKING TO THEM AND IT'S JUST SO EASY AT BARS!

But it makes me fat and broke. 

I also like my coworkers a LOT.  So much.  They are the best people I know.  We like to go to Taco Time.  And McDonalds.  And KFC.  And Taco Del Mar.  Also we like to eat donuts.  Sometimes we like to eat Dairy Queen Blizzards.  We also like to eat at Subway.  And we talk to each other.  Get out of the work building. 

But it makes me fat and broke :(

So.  This week I'm going to try not to be fat and broke.  My original plan was to buy some salads from Trader Joe's and then eat them at work. But, that's not as cheap as it could be.  So I was going to buy some bags of lettuce.  Which was still not as cheap as it could be. 

Then I came across this at the restaurant supply store...

Yes, that's right!  Two pounds of organic greens!  For less than six dollars!

So I was like, aigt, I won't by salads at Trader Joe's, I'll just buy some shit to make salads that are just as good but cheaper.  It will take me all afternoon to make them, but, eh, whatever, I got time!

So I made this: 

Know what it is?  It is a taco salad.  Low-fat Ranch dressing, crunched up blue tortilla chips, black beans, corn and salsa.  All over mixed greens.  Fork included. 

Then!  I made this!

This, my friends, it a beet salad.  Croutons, balsamic dressing, beets, and a wheel of goat cheese.  Easy!  I may add some sunflower seeds later, but I forgot. 

I will pair these with soup that I pack.  And a piece of fruit. 

Then I will attempt to shut the fuck up about being fat and broke.  

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