Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goals update.

I have been so bad about updating in the past year. But, I have also made a lot of financial progress! I'll try to be better with updates, mostly to track my successes for myself.

One of my big goals has been to save $4000 for hardwood floors. I am so close to that goal, and it will be reached next month! This is the time that I'm getting slightly anxious about doing something I've never done before...finding a person to do it, picking out wood, scheduling a time to get the wood delivered, filling out paperwork for my condo to make sure the plan is approved...eeek! This is one thing I would love to not have to do alone, but I guess it' s just another experience to strengthen my knowledge about homeownership and updating my space, which I do have great interest in.

My condo is having a huge assessment as well, which I will be able to obtain a loan for through a family member, which is quite convenient and exciting. I am truly lucky to have such generous family as a financial resource. I will have a large loan at 1%. Soon I will make a timeline so that I can attempt to pay it off as soon as possible.

I Dave also managed to save $2500 for an emergency fund. After the hardwood floors, I will be upping that to $5000 as soon as possible. After I'm at $5000, I will take a break to buy something fun or pay a larger chunk of mu my assessment debt before upping to $7500. End goal is $20,000 to keep liquid and accessible in case of emergency or job loss.

After all that, who knows. I'd like to continue to do repairs and fun things for my home, but I'm not sure what yet.

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