Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How I Use My Google Calendar For Financial Reminders

1.  Track automatic payments
I track everything financial in my Google Calendar in the color green, as you can see below:

With this, I ALWAYS know when it is coming out of my account.  Honestly, I usually subtract it all from my checkbook at the beginning of the month, but it never hurts to have an extra reminder.

2.  Track When to Apply for a Credit Line Increase
A wise man once told me to have the biggest credit line that I could and not use it.  That way, your credit to debt ratio is always real small (as long as you have self control and don't charge it up.  I don't.  Ever.)  So, I make sure that every six months I apply for a credit line increase on every card that I have.  This ensures that I have the maximum amount of credit available to me. 

3.  Track Additional Income
After each babysitting job I work, I track what I have made.  This way I know approximately what extra income I am bringing in. 

4.  Track When to Expect Bills
I put notes to myself like "Expect New Light Bill Soon" or "Car Tabs will be Due This Month" or "Moped Tabs Due This Month" for expenses that I can't yet automate. 

5.  Track Savings Goals
Google Calendar has a to do list on the side.  On this part I put what my current savings goal is (Right now it's a $2500 Emergency Fund) and how close I am. 

6.  Track Groupons And Deals
I also have on my To-Do List different coupons I have purchased and their expirations dates:

These systems definitely help keep me organized and on track.  There are so many features to be used on Google Calendar, it's my #1 go-to tool each day.  


Amber Dawn said...

Man.. I really need to do this. If I can manage to be responsible/mindful enough and actually check it.

YFS said...

This is great advice! I hadn't thought about using Google calender before, but as you have shown, it looks like a great way to keep up with more than just meeting reminders.