Saturday, March 26, 2011

Score of the Day

I have the HARDEST time finding cotton tights for grown-ups.  There are plenty of little girl cotton tights, but in adult sizes they are rare.  I have extremely sensitive skin on my feet due to eczema, so nylon irritates the hell out of me. 

A few weeks ago I paid $10 for a pair of cotton ones.  I've paid $22 before.  $18.  It's all over the board.  I'm embarassed to admit it, honestly.  But today, oh yes, today, I found a bargain!

Yep, $4.99 at Value Village for a pair of Kate Spade mostly cotton tights.  My feet can be peaceful until they wear out. 

Regular price?

$38.00.  Yeah.  Eat it.  $76 worth of tights for ten.  Love it. 

Going to Nashville this week.  SO EXCITED.  The relaxation of vacation brings this calm over me that can't even really be describe.  Plus friends, mopeds, dudes, beer...ahhh.  Can't wait! 

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