Friday, February 4, 2011

Hobbies R Kewl

I have been sucked into the realm of mopeds by my dear friend Bunny.  I held off on getting one until I could find a good deal/was in the right mental state.  After two rallies the itch just wouldn't go away.  I had to be part of this fucking club, even if I am entering at 10 mph. 

This is my 1979 Puch Maxi, Goldie.  I really know very little about her just yet.  She is slow as SHIT and needs a lot of work.  In general, though, she is quite stylin and will serve me well.  I will get more pictures soon.  She basically has rocket blasters on the back (not pictured).  She runs (YAY!) but will still need a lot of TLC.  I am going to learn to do some maintenance, with the help of a friend, since I am a social learner. 

And if Goldie weren't enough, there's also SYLVIA! 

Sylvia is a 1977 Columbia Commuter.  She works really well, actually.  There are a couple of things I want to do to her, but I want to keep her "stock" and not make her too damn fancy.  I love her the way she is, for the most part.  This way, when Goldie is being a pain in the butt I can ride her. 

After meeting people at rallies I am finally meeting  some moped people in the Seattle area, which is great.  Also, my dear Bunny is moving here, so I'll have even more moped friends in close proximity.  Having a new way to spend my time with fun people is really all I need in life.  There's something about bonding and socializing with a community that helps with my level of value and happiness. 

Financially speaking, the mopeds were only $700!  $700 for two running mopeds, even if one runs kind of bad is great in my opinion.  There will be extra costs with fix up, but generally speaking they're not going to run me bankrupt. 

This is one big financial thing I've been wanting to do for a bit.  Next:  paying off the car.  By May!  Let's go!

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