Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shared Living Spaces

One of the biggest pieces of personal finance advice is to take on a roommate. 

I've always hated that one.

I hate living with people.  I hate their dirty dishes, their attitudes, their destructive angry-veganess, their passive agression.  Hate it. 

But, I like money.  Who can blame me?  My mortgage is a bit too high.  A little supplement of that would be great. 

So, I think I found a way around that, for now.  Behold:  the brother moves in. 

This is why it's working for now: 

1.  He's my brother.  I can never actually hate him. 

2.  He doesn't mind living in my tiny sunroom. 

3.  He pays me a reasonable amount

4.  He works so often that I don't see him very much.

5.  It is my roof.  My conditions.  It is temporary, if need be. 

With this extra monthly money, I plan to do the following. 

1.  Get the emegency fund up to the amount of one month's paycheck.  Yes, I know it should be more, but I'm not there yet.  Slow and steady. 

2.  Pay off the $4600 left on the car.  I want this to happen within the next twelve months, but I think it may be sooner. 

3.  Buy a moped, for fun and getting around town. 

4.  Get the amount of two month's paycheck in the emergency fund. 

5.  Hardwood floors. 

This is my general plan of attack lately:  One month of emergency fund.  One fun thing.  Two months of emergency fund.  Another fun thing.  And so on, and so forth.  Once the car is paid off I'll have an extra $300 a month for savings/fun things.  I like that. 

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