Saturday, December 25, 2010

Annual Debt

I am ridiculous.  I have this pattern.  It happens every year, every December.  I go into debt. 

It's never a ton of debt.  It's just enough to stress me out a little bit, to set me back a little bit. 

This year I saved about $300 for Christmas gifts. 

I also went on a lot of dates with boys, bought a plane ticket to Denver, bought a sleeping bag and helmet to bring to Denver, new winter clothes, new winter boots, old boot repair, etc, etc.  And a lot of eating out and drinking booze at bars. 

Yeah, totally fun, but not totally awesome financially. 

So, here's the plan:  I go to Denver and enjoy myself without worrying about money.  (Within reason, of course!  I'm not going to go shopping, but I am going to comfortably eat and drink without worry.)

 I have already taken $400 from my emergency fund to cover some of the excess.  I will also be getting a reimbursement check from work, as well as rent money from my brother.  In February I have a very lucrative and fun babysitting job that will help pay off the rest if it isn't done, or help to build my emergency fund back up if needed. 

It has also been a VERY lean month babysitting (everyone is out of town) so hopefully it will pick back up next month.  A lot of people having babies and not going out, as well, so I'll be taking on a couple of new families.

I hope to make a huge improvement next year when it comes to this problem:  save more money.  I just updated my monthly savings plan to $80 a month for Christmas presents and Christmas break crazy spending.  That will help if I do go crazy, and if not, I can put it back in the emergency fund. 

I hope this works.  I hope I don't take it out before then.

This is the fun thing about finances.  I am responsible enough so when I have a little set back like this, it's not the end of the world.  I can find a creative way to remedy it.  This one is just frustrating because it's a pattern and I'm aware of it.  I should've known by now!  Let's hope this time next year will be different. 

How did you do for the holidays?  I'll let you all know when the debt is done and I'm back to regularly scheduled programming. 

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