Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WBSA 2010

Leaving for San Francisco a week from tomorrow, so decided to break open this year's WBSA (Wine Bottle Savings Account to see how much has accumulated for spending on my trip...

Me, combining my love of wine and money.  Except for there was no wine. 

My tools.  It actually took a lot of tries--I couldn't break it at first!  After a nice whack though, I got it. 

 Wait, no, these are my two loves:  Darby and money.  Darby swimming in money.  Me-ow.  
Anyway, this year's grand total is $280.  Less than last year, I think, but still significant and will buy me lots of meals, cocktails and bus fare in San Francisco!  

I can, of course, go above this if needed, but hopefully will not run up that credit card.  Cause really, who needs that?

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BlueAmiah3 said...

What you need is a deathstick for your wine bottle crushing. I have one I got for one of my birthdays. It's a big hammer with a black axe handle and a big silver hammer head. It has skulls and crossbones and everything! Totally useless for hanging pictures though.