Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Packing for San Francisco

I posted a link a little while ago about attempting to do one bag for my San Francisco trip.  Well, as hard as it seemed, I think I have done it! 

Before:  Line of clothes for every occassion. 

After:  Over-stuffed messenger bag (high quality, and only $2 at the bins!)

I did have to use some strategies: 

Pack only the clothes I needed.  Actually, shit, I didn't do this.  My vacations are based around how good I can look, so I packed some extra stuff.  Day time clothes, night time clothes, party clothes, extra socks and underwear, three cardigans, jeans, four dresses, a jean skirt, an extra shirt, tights, leggings.  Yep, it's all in there, suckas! 

The messenger bag is clothes only--extras will go into my "personal item" carry on, which will be highlighted in tomorrow's post. 

Virgin Air, the airline I am using, allows up to sixteen pounds for a carry on.  This one is only 12.  Score! 

(And, FYI, Virgin Air is sweet cause they have TV's on the back of every seat.)  

The most important thing I learned from the Wise Bread post is to put extra things INSIDE of shoes and boots.  I did this.  Gooooood idea. 

I did choose a messenger bag over a rolling carry on.  Why?  It's generally easier to maneuver in the airport and on public transportation.  And I won't look like a huge tool if I don't get to the place I'm staying before I can stash my stuff.  I also didn't HAVE a rolling carry on.  I actually did find one in the free pile by the dumpster in my building, but didn't realize until later that the handle that extends was broken off.  I put it right back in the free pile.  Almost a bummer, but I still didn't have to buy anything and I think it will all work out just fine!  (Although I suppose I'll let you know after the trip!)

Tomorrow:  The contents of my "personal item" bag. 

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m.rivera said...

My whole vacation fits in my messenger bag!