Thursday, September 30, 2010

Packing for San Francisco Part Two: Personal Item

Geez, I never finished my second post before vacation!  Here are some things I did, though: 

I packed a goddamned bagel.  You'd think that'd be easy, but I guess it really wasn't for me the other four times I've traveled to San Francisco.  I bought a bag of them for $3, bought some cream cheese, and then put it in a little wax paper bag in my bag.  Simple!  And saved probably $4 on a bagel. 

I also brought some tea bags and my favorite brand of fake sugar (Xylosweet) and just bought some hot water from the airport.  Or, rather was gifted some hot water and a cup.  Thanks, Starbucks! 

Because of the tea, I didn't really need to buy a coffee-like beverage the whole time! 

I also brought a tupperware full of muffins that I made.  I gave one to my neighbor on the plan and the rest to one of my hosting friends in SF.  

I also brought two old magazines and read those on the flight, leaving them in the back of the seat pocket.  I hadn't read them before, so they were new to me, but worth about as much as the $4 trash magazines I would've bought anyway.  

When I was checking in, I realized that checking a bag would've cost me $30 each way.  $60 total!  Holy moses, was I glad I strategically packed. 

On the downside, I spend $6 on some cut up fruit.  STUPID!  But I was hungry, needed something quick, fresh and healthy, and so I did it.  Next time I'll buy a stupid banana. 

The rest of vacation was wonderful:  relaxation, hot hot hot moped boys, good eating and lots of Tecate.  Yum!  Kept it cheap, fun and interesting.  Love it all!

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