Thursday, September 30, 2010

Packing for San Francisco Part Two: Personal Item

Geez, I never finished my second post before vacation!  Here are some things I did, though: 

I packed a goddamned bagel.  You'd think that'd be easy, but I guess it really wasn't for me the other four times I've traveled to San Francisco.  I bought a bag of them for $3, bought some cream cheese, and then put it in a little wax paper bag in my bag.  Simple!  And saved probably $4 on a bagel. 

I also brought some tea bags and my favorite brand of fake sugar (Xylosweet) and just bought some hot water from the airport.  Or, rather was gifted some hot water and a cup.  Thanks, Starbucks! 

Because of the tea, I didn't really need to buy a coffee-like beverage the whole time! 

I also brought a tupperware full of muffins that I made.  I gave one to my neighbor on the plan and the rest to one of my hosting friends in SF.  

I also brought two old magazines and read those on the flight, leaving them in the back of the seat pocket.  I hadn't read them before, so they were new to me, but worth about as much as the $4 trash magazines I would've bought anyway.  

When I was checking in, I realized that checking a bag would've cost me $30 each way.  $60 total!  Holy moses, was I glad I strategically packed. 

On the downside, I spend $6 on some cut up fruit.  STUPID!  But I was hungry, needed something quick, fresh and healthy, and so I did it.  Next time I'll buy a stupid banana. 

The rest of vacation was wonderful:  relaxation, hot hot hot moped boys, good eating and lots of Tecate.  Yum!  Kept it cheap, fun and interesting.  Love it all!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Packing for San Francisco

I posted a link a little while ago about attempting to do one bag for my San Francisco trip.  Well, as hard as it seemed, I think I have done it! 

Before:  Line of clothes for every occassion. 

After:  Over-stuffed messenger bag (high quality, and only $2 at the bins!)

I did have to use some strategies: 

Pack only the clothes I needed.  Actually, shit, I didn't do this.  My vacations are based around how good I can look, so I packed some extra stuff.  Day time clothes, night time clothes, party clothes, extra socks and underwear, three cardigans, jeans, four dresses, a jean skirt, an extra shirt, tights, leggings.  Yep, it's all in there, suckas! 

The messenger bag is clothes only--extras will go into my "personal item" carry on, which will be highlighted in tomorrow's post. 

Virgin Air, the airline I am using, allows up to sixteen pounds for a carry on.  This one is only 12.  Score! 

(And, FYI, Virgin Air is sweet cause they have TV's on the back of every seat.)  

The most important thing I learned from the Wise Bread post is to put extra things INSIDE of shoes and boots.  I did this.  Gooooood idea. 

I did choose a messenger bag over a rolling carry on.  Why?  It's generally easier to maneuver in the airport and on public transportation.  And I won't look like a huge tool if I don't get to the place I'm staying before I can stash my stuff.  I also didn't HAVE a rolling carry on.  I actually did find one in the free pile by the dumpster in my building, but didn't realize until later that the handle that extends was broken off.  I put it right back in the free pile.  Almost a bummer, but I still didn't have to buy anything and I think it will all work out just fine!  (Although I suppose I'll let you know after the trip!)

Tomorrow:  The contents of my "personal item" bag. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WBSA 2010

Leaving for San Francisco a week from tomorrow, so decided to break open this year's WBSA (Wine Bottle Savings Account to see how much has accumulated for spending on my trip...

Me, combining my love of wine and money.  Except for there was no wine. 

My tools.  It actually took a lot of tries--I couldn't break it at first!  After a nice whack though, I got it. 

 Wait, no, these are my two loves:  Darby and money.  Darby swimming in money.  Me-ow.  
Anyway, this year's grand total is $280.  Less than last year, I think, but still significant and will buy me lots of meals, cocktails and bus fare in San Francisco!  

I can, of course, go above this if needed, but hopefully will not run up that credit card.  Cause really, who needs that?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sick days.

There's nothing more valuable then being able to spend a whole day sleeping off an illness. 

This is what I tried to do today.  I think it worked.  Going back to work tomorrow, hoping for the best.

I am super privileged to have so many sick days from my job!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grocery Shopping for the Single Girl

Yes, we've all read posts about how to feed your family for less. 

We've all read posts about couponing, making lists, meal planning. 

And I love all this shit, I really do, but let's get down to business. 

I am going to help you plan.  No, not meal plan.  No, not plan on making a shopping list.  Let's plan your grocery trip around the plan of the most hotties.  (I use the word hottie kind of ironically.) 

 Photo:  Me, pretending to go to the Grocery Store (I really went yesterday.) 

Step 1:  Do you know a grocery store where someone hot works?  Go there, preferably during his hours of service.  Don't talk to him, just look at him and smile and say hi.  Pretend you didn't even know that he works there.  Get a reasonable amount of groceries--only stuff you need!  Then leave!  It's also great to buy cat food so you can make conversation with a hottie about your pet if need be.  Try to leave the conversation ONLY if he's the cashier.  But, also, try not to get in his line, that's desperate.

2.  Know the types of hotties which hang out at each store.  In Seattle, I go to Safeway for the practical hotties, QFC for the practical stylish hotties, Madison Market for the elitist hotties with dreads, Whole Foods for the Livejournal hotties, Trader Joe's for the authentically hot hotties who probably make more money than the rest of the grocery store hotties, and other stores that are near the homes and businesses of other dudes I might be crushin on. 

3.  Wear sloppy clothes.  He's more likely to be working if you are. 

4.  If you know he's a vegan and you eat meat, purposely buy some lunch meat.  You will look like you're personally challenging him by this, and he might be turned on by it. 

5.  If you are shopping out of your normal neighborhood, have an excuse ready.  My favorite?  "Oh, I come to the UDistrict every Sunday to get coffee anyway.  Now how is your cat?" 

6.  Don't bring a friend. For realz.  It looks way too planned that way. 

7.  If you must write an I SAW U, keep it vague.  Very, very vague. 

8.  Don't discount the value of hot workers at the in-store Starbucks.  Trust. Me.  Also don't discount the value of writing an I SAW U for a hot worker in the in-store Starbucks.  Trust me again. 

Now, you may think that these tips don't have to do with personal finance, but they do!  First of all, taking your time to visit hotties at the grocery store adds life value to your experience.  It is multi-tasking, which saves time.  And time is money!  Happy hunting!  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Recent Side of the Road Finds

Haven't shared my side of the road finds for a while.  There has been some good stuff. 

A couple of weeks ago I found a whole bunch of things, the most significant being a really nice 13x8 Pyrex casserole dish.  I've been borrowing my friend's for a long time now (thanks Chaddles!) and now can return it since I have my own. 

In that same spot, I also found some beautiful vintage-y silverware (well, not SILVER ware, but you get the point) that beats the shit out of the horrible flatware I purchased at Target a year ago that is getting grungy and falling apart.  I photographed the new ones to try to get some of the details:

The cool thing is that they're almost all different, from a variety of different sets.  I love the feel of that. 

That batch of stuff also had a matching set of four shot glasses.  Cute!

Not that I take shots all that often (hah!) but they'll be nice for new years and such.

Tonight I found the following stuff:   

The little electronic looking thing is an Mp3 player.  I don't know if it works, but it's worth a try. 

After doing all this I need to weed out some stuff that I already have--I don't want to become a hoarder!  I do pretty well, though, keeping my place neat and organized. 

It's back to school time, and of course I want to be updating more.  We'll see.  Love to all my loyal readers!