Monday, July 5, 2010

Still Alive.

I bought a new car.  I love love love it.  Need to sell the old one. 

I had to go into debt to buy the new car.  I currently owe $7500 on it.  Interest free.  I can do it, and hopefully quick! 

Otherwise life is just going.  Baby-sitting is waning at the moment, so money is not coming in as strongly as it was earlier in the year, but I'm just rolling with it and waiting for it to pick back up.  It's a little difficult, but I love a challenge.  A financial one, anyway. 

I need to concentrate my efforts in life to funnel in some happiness.  I'm taking some steps, different ones than before.  I'll keep you updated on their progress. 

One important step I've taken in the last month is buying a gym membership.  It sounds cheesy, but we all know physical activity is awesome for your levels of good brain chemicals.  Plus, doing Zumba and Hula Hooping Class and dancing around like a fool never hurt anyone. 

Any way to bring joy into my life, brain and heart is appreciated.  Working on it.

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