Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pantry Pantry Time Time: Meal 1: Pink Vegan Rice

I am lucky to have a good job and a pantry full of fun items.  This way, when I spend all the money that the good job brings me, I can piece together fun and healthy meals with items I have on hand.  Tonight:  Pink Vegan Rice

Step #1:  Google some ingredients that you have.  I googled "beets" and "rice" since those were two items in my pantry.  I came up with the following: 

Red as a Beet Rice at

It sounded good, but I wanted to make it different.  I omitted the basil, since I didn't have any, used vegetable broth in case my vegan friend came over and wanted to sample it, and fried it in Soy Free Earth Balance so that it would taste more buttery.  I also added garbanzo beans, vegan parmesean cheese and nutritional yeast for extra protein and flavor. 

The results:  yum.  Cheap, free of foods that I'm allergic to, and I didn't have to buy anything extra.  Until the baby-sitting picks up again, I will often be enjoying Pantry Pantry Time Time to the fullest extent. 


BlueAmiah3 said...

Too bad Andrew hates beets :)

Amber Dawn said...

this looks awesome. I love beets!

Anonymous said...

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