Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life goals and stuff.

I worked on some life goals this weekend.  I keep talking about goals, specific goals, but I really wanted some guidelines to drive those specific goals.  These are things I value, things I want to share with others.  I think they fit with financial responsibility pretty well.  It's all interdependent.  Blah blah blah, here's some hippie shit for you to read. 


The following are things that I will strive for in my life. One cannot exist without the others. They build upon each other to support the ultimate goal of contentment and growth.

1. Relationships. I will build relationships that enhance my life in a positive manner. I will recognize that each relationship should help me to learn something about myself and/or the world. Children will always be a part of my life, and eventually part of my immediate family, whether they enter the world through my body and genetics or someone else’s.

2. Home. My home will be a place of consistency and love. I will strive to eliminate all tension and clutter from my environment. I will work to create a harmonious place to return to at all times.

3. Health. My physical and mental health are priorities. I will at all times work to be aware of what affects them, both positively and negatively, and to remedy the items that are affecting my health negatively.

4. Time. My time will be spent doing things that I enjoy and value. Because my work consumes so much of my time, I will strive to maintain positive working relationships. I will make sure that my work is always of value to myself and others.

5. Possessions. I will work toward obtaining possessions only when they will enhance my quality of life in an authentic way. Possessions will be obtained with intentionality, thought, and patience. Possessions will be slowly added to my life to serve specific purposes.
PS:  Isn't that just a BEAUTIFUL picture of Darby?  I took it today while cleaning the house.  Love him. 

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Amy said...

These are wonderful goals, don't devalue them by saying "blah blah blah...hippie shit...." Respect them and value them if they mean something to you!