Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hi friends,

Just a check in. I've been a little stressed out this week over the job situation. I have applied for two jobs that I thought I would certainly get interviews for, but have not gotten anything yet. Rough! Luckily, I have time and potential for unemployment. I'm not worried about money, really--I seem to be doing fine with saving. I just worry about not finding the right job for me. It needs to be something that I enjoy that compensates me at a rate similar to what I make now, and it needs to be full time. My current job also has excellent benefits, which are going to be hard to give up if I need to leave the agency.

Still working on saving though. Here are some things I've been doing.

I've been taking advantage of all of the little perks that I get from work. Making sure my VEBA Claims get sent in for reimbursement. Making sure my mileage is turned in on time. These reimbursements can really add up. If I receive all the reimbursements this month it will be an extra $400! And it will all go in savings.

I've been really limiting my grocery shopping and working off what I have in the cupboards. I used to do a lot of little grocery trips (I waver back and forth on this, actually, but have been careless lately) and now I do not. I'm doing every two weeks, spending a maximum of $60ish dollars each time. I did stop at the produce stand today, but was very careful not to overbuy and only ended up spending $4.57 on some carrots, spinach, avocado, satsumas, cucumber, zucchini, green beans, a banana and a butternut squash. Those things can combine with canned and dried food to make some excellent meals. I made my own hummus tonight with my newly purchased ($4.50 at the thrift-store!) food processor and ate it with carrots, cucumbers, avocado tortillas. Nom nom.

I haven't even started Christmas shopping, but I'm going to be very sparse this year and buy people gift cards for the amount that I can. I'm only shopping for my immediate family as well, unless I see something perfect for someone that is reasonably priced. I'll explain in a later post why I really don't believe in Christmas gifts.

I've been doing well laying off the booze. I did have a fun, expensive-ish night out on Saturday for the Lashes reunion show, but only had one drink and half of a (cheese-less) pizza while out. I had the opportunity to drink more at the Cha Cha but chose not to. My body thanked me for it on Sunday. I also shared some food and beers and wine with friends at my house prior to the show, which was lovely and inexpensive.

I'm babysitting like crazy still, maybe too much, but it's good for now. I've packed a lot into the next two weekends, then I think I'll give myself the weekend after that off, as it's my (fake) husband's holiday party at work. All this babysitting is ending up to be a lot of extra money.

The great part is that I need an emergency fund anyway, and I need to be saving money for a new car. If, by some miracle, I get a new job very soon, I can transfer a lot of the money I have saved into my new car fund. I can also use it to pay off my remaining family debt (which is almost done anyway.)

I've been reading a lot of PF stuff saying to take it one goal at a time, so after this debt is paid off my main savings goal will be for a new car. Specifically, a 2005 to 2008 Chevy Malibu. I'm excited. I hope to save enough money for one by the time I turn 27. Do you think I can do it?

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BlueAmiah3 said...

Have I mentioned you are fab yet? All your tips are things my husband (who is the uberist person money-wise I had come across) does or wants to do. I wish I had listened to you more in high school :(