Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hollywood Video Refund

The Hollywood Video by my house closed down. I was signed up for some thing there called Power Play, where you get a certain number of points each money and then can use the points to rent videos. I don't rent videos too often, but it ended up being cheaper usign this program. Plus, the points rolled over from month to month, so you could use them later if you needed to.

When I heard about my job ending I was planning on canceling the membership anyway. But, the store closed down, so I had an even better reason. I called the Hollywood Video hotline, who informed me that my membership was automatically canceled. they also informed me to call a number within the next three weeks for a refund.

I called today, and they let me know that I could get me $7.95 that I paid for November back, since the store closed in the middle of November. Good, right? No, not good enough. I asked if there was anything that could be done about all the points I had accumulated. She put me on hold to find out. When she came back she told me that the total amount of my refund would be $31. Yes! $31!! Much, much better than $7.95.

I had her put it back on my credit card, since I have a little balance on there from this month's bills that I pay automatically with my credit card. I was very happy that I asked about the extra points, as it earned me another $23 or so.

Photo from Capitol Hill Block at


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