Monday, December 7, 2009


Hi loyal readers,

A rough day today. I applied for two jobs within my agency and didn't screen into either one of them, leaving me without so much as an interview. I have also applied for several other jobs, but heard nothing back. It is a discouraging day.

Among everything though, I am not worried about money. I am anxious about the future. I am sad that my wonderful job is coming to and end. I'm upset to leave the community of people that I have spent the past year with. But I am not worried about money.

Why not? I've probably told you before, but I am a super-employable individual. If I can't get regular employment, I can baby-sit my way out of many financially rough situations. I can pay my mortgage by piecing things together. I can do it.

My emergency funds are looking better by the day as well. I still have $1000 in debt to pay off, which will be done before the end of the year. After that, I have enough of a buffer to live for a little while without a job. That being said though, I always have my supplemental (baby-sitting) income to live on until the regular employment happens. It's unlikely that I will even have to dip into the emergency savings. Possible, but unlikely.

I'm also blessed with the possibility of unemployment checks. This would of course affect my ability to do my supplemental work, but still an option if I need to take it.

So, the cycle continues of applying for work, baby-sitting like crazy and throwing it into savings, and praying for the best most rewarding and similar-to-my-old-job-paying position to come up. I know it will. I have faith.


Anonymous said...

christ. If you are on unemployment, just ask for cash. Anyways- you can make some money and still get unemployment.

JackieOhNassis said...

Haha, cash is the plan. I just wrote that to throw off any feds who might read my blog.