Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things I am Doing to Prepare for Being Laid Off

Hi friends!

Oh, friends. Friends friends friends. Guess what? They have decided to discontinue the wonderful program at work that I am a part of. My job will end sometime between now and June 15th. Though it is uncertain when exactly, my best guess is between February and June.

I have been expecting this for a while, but now that it is official, I am doing some extra things to prepare in addition to my normal money saving routine. Keep reading to find out what!

POSITIVITY. Po-si-ti-vi-ty. Nothing will be helped by being pissed off. Nothing will be helped by being sad (although sad is the hardest emotion to get rid of in this situation, mostly because I adore my job.) Nothing will be helped by complaining about the economy, or comparing myself to others, or complaining in general.

So, what then?

I have a lot of experience in my field. I have a lot of knowledge about my field. I interview pretty well. I have a fairly specialized degree. I have diverse experience in the field. I work for a great agency who will consider me an internal employee for the next eighteen months, so I will have more of an opportunity to continue with them. There are already two excellent job opportunities that I will be applying for. One of them even pays more per year! We'll see what happens, but my guess is that I will be switching jobs before they even need to lay me off.

Plus, there's always unemployment. I think that would be a fun challenge to live on less. Don't you?

Save. Save save save save save save save. As in do not spend. And then save it. I decided the day that we got the news that I just wouldn't do any unnecessary spending. It's amazing how often I (and other people) handle their emotions by buying things. In fact, my first reaction to the news was to go buy a coffee drink from Starbucks or something to make myself feel better. But I didn't. (I did get a Coke Zero from the trunk of my car, though.)

Of course, I will get small treats every so often. A white coffee from Sureshot counts as a small treat (as long as it's only once a week.) A Coca-Cola from the machine at work counts as a small treat (as long as it's only once a week or less.) These are things I do anyway, I just have to be even more careful.

In contrast, three vodka sodas from a bar are not a small treat. Even one is not. I've decided to quit drinking (or quit spending money on drinking at least--if an attractive man wants to buy me one that's quite all right) until I've secured a new job. I even practiced this act of willpower last night when out with friends. My friend asked the bartender for a cup of hot water for me so that I could make some tea, but he said no. Oh well.

Work extra.
Or, as I sometimes say "I am going to baby-sit the shit out of this weekend." (Or week, or month, etc.) Actually, I don't say that, but I definitely think it. I am lucky enough to have several local families who call me to babysit quite often and pay me generously. Normally this is my "fun money", but now it will be my savings for a mortgage payment in case I need it when I lose the jobby job.

An added bonus? If I save a lot of this money and then get another job, I can apply it all toward the debt that I owe to a family member. I am now slowly paying off, but it'd be nice to get it all over with. Sweet. They should have given us this news at work a long time ago.

And quickly, some other things I am doing: Cooking at home all the time, not buying stuff from American Apparel, letting my cat hunger strike when he doesn't like the food that I bought him, being even more careful about turning the lights off and keeping the heat down, taking care of my health and not skimping on acupuncture too much because it is an investment, and trying to appreciate all the shit I already have so that I don't have to buy any more for a long, long time.

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