Monday, November 23, 2009

Curb shopping!!!

Hi friends!

Tonight was a glorious night. Why? Curb shopping!

My new condo boasts pristine white carpets. Or boasted them, rather. It now boasts dirty white carpets. (Is that the right use of boast? Probably.) Anyway, that's annoying. The dirtiness of my carpets.

Earlier in the summer I was convinced that I needed an entryway rug. I ordered one online. When it came in the mail, I discovered that it was all wrong and sent it back. I made do with a shitty bath mat for a bit.

Then, about a month ago I found a nice enough hall runner in the dumpster outside of my house. Here's a picture of it:

Pretty fugly, right? But at least it protected the carpet. So I was down.

But then came tonight. Oh, glorious tonight. Right before the rain started I was walking to my friend Stefanie's house and came upon a pile of stuff. I was intrigued by the automatic timer that I had found. Then I noticed a nice carpet. It was a hall-runner. It covered more ground than my current hall-runner. It matched my curtains. It had black accents, like I like. Sure it was slightly dirty, but who cares?

Here is the new hall runner:

Beautiful, isn't it? I am in love. Perfect length. Perfect colors. Perfect price. Once it is vacuumed and clean Darby will stop looking at it funny and all will be well.

Also scored tonight: vintage white mixing bowl. My kitchen will thank me later.