Thursday, October 8, 2009


Bought nearly 24 pounds of produce/food today at MacPherson's produce stand. Cost me $17.05.

Celery, butternut squash, four apples, two pears, tomatoes on the vine, broccoli, cabbage, onions, potatoes, a yam, an avocado...

I will be set for a while.

I've been doing really well improvising dinner on what I have here. Usually mix a grain (rice, barley, quinoa) with a ton of veggies and some kind of protein (usually beans or lentils.)

I have a ton of food allergies, so anything with cheese has been out of the picture lately. And meat's just too damn expensive. It's been good.

This week's meals have included:

Vegetables and Chicken Curry in Rice Milk

Half bag of frozen vegetables, some curry paste whisked into rice milk, and a chicken breast dumped into the crock pot. (You could definitely do this with coconut milk, too, but I'm allergic to coconut as well.)

Pasta, pasta sauce and garbanzo beans with a ton of veggies. I know that garbanzo beans are weird in pasta, but I needed protein and didn't want to have to use meat. I used to use TVP, but am allergic to soy. FML. When cooking for one sometimes a whole jar of pasta sauce is too much, so I use half and freeze the rest for next time. I should start making my own pasta sauce, though, as that's even cheaper, I think.

Butternut Squash and Red Lentil Soup
Butternut squash cut up into cubes, red lentils, two tablespoons of ketchup (sub for tomato paste, haha, didn't want to go shopping!), cinnamon and cumin, and a cube of chicken bouillion and some water. A squirt of lime juice. Dumped into the crock pot, cooked. Really, really good.

Beans and Rice

Made rice last night, but didn't get a chance to do anything with it. Hot-soaked some pinto beans this morning, cooked them tonight. While they were cooking I simmered some tomatoes from the produce stand with some onions and seasoned the shit out of them. Also used some leftover taco seasoning that I found while cleaning out my cupboards. Added the rice and some spinach. I like spinach in everything, slightly wilted. It's good for you.

Also did some red beans and quinoa last week. Threw in a can of tomatoes. Turned out nice.

All these allergies as well as some budget restrictions (read: I haz a mortgage) are forcing me to be thriftier, more creative, and more healthy. Win win win. I like it.

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Jack Attack! said...

Oh, pasta sauce...... did i ever tell you my tad wad sauce thing? I buy tomatoes on sale [less than $1/lb if i can]. I then take out the seeds and put them in the crock pot until they're cooked. Then I end up with a pot full of tomatoes! So I get to make pasta sauce and other things out of this and freeze in to individual containers.