Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Hot Dogs in a Thermos"

Yesterday at a work function I was explaining my cell phone strategy to another person that works for the agency that I do. While I described how I would actually be paying less out of pocket for more service, she said

"It makes sense. You are the girl with the hot dogs in a thermos."

What? You may ask? Hot dogs in a thermos? Let me explain.

Earlier this summer I was at the park with my friends. Boy, was I hungry. There is a small hot dog stand at the park. A hot dog with a bun and condiments is $4. It is a yummy, high quality hot dog. I could probably eat two of them each time I go to the park. But I don't. Why? That's approximately $80 a summer on hot dogs, assuming I eat two a week for ten weeks.

I came up with a strategy that will now be known as "hot dogs in a thermos."

1. Go home. Boil hot dogs in some water on the stove until they are nice and warm.

2. Put hot dogs in a thermos. (About five fit in my thermos.) Pour boiling water over them. Seal lid on.

3. Pack buns and condiments.

4. Bring to park. Share with your friends. If you are super stingy, charge them 50 cents per hot dog. (I don't do this--yet.)

5. Revel in the joy of saving money.

On sale, a 12-pack of hot dogs costs about $2. Sometimes less. A pack of buns? About $2 on sale for 8. I keep both on hand. Sometimes I freeze them.

At almost any event or activity that involves being outside for a long day, you will find me with a big bag or basket. This bag or basket normally contains hot dogs. If you are nice, I will give you one.

Picture: My thermos, along with my condiment containers made cleverly from old vitamin bottles. I wrote words such as "Mustard" and "Fancy Ketchup" on them.

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