Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finding a Cat Sitter

I am going on vacation tomorrow. I need someone to take care of my precious Darby, as pictured above.

This always poses a bit of a problem. My friends are all lovely cat sitters, but they are busy. They do not always have time to come and give Darby maximum snuggles. I am not crazy about taking him somewhere, due to the cost and his stress level.

So I turned to the community where I live.

One of the things that drew me to a co-op style home is the idea that there is a community here. Unfortunately, it is not quite as cooperative as I had hoped. I have met some lovely people in my building (which contains around 100 units) but I have also met a lot of really fucking grumpy old people. Well, maybe not a lot. And I might have deserved it (**cough**pool party**cough). But still.

When I moved in, the one of the board members, who is quite lovely, told me that the manager, who works in the office, will sometimes watch people's cats.

I went to him, and he said that he will. For free! Score. Although, he did mention that he takes tips. So in an effort to not be cheap, I got him a gift card to the grocery store that is just up the hill from our building. I wanted to buy him chocolate, but what if he's vegan? Or diabetic?

I typed out some directions, too. Luckily, Sir Darbus is pretty low maintenance. I'm hoping that him and the manager will have a good time together.

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