Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fridge Repairs and the Joys of Homeownership

I have owned my home for nearly two months now. It is great. It is grand. IT IS EXPENSIVE.

Seattle Washington has been experiencing the most intense heat wave that it has had in a LONG time. Temperatures reached 103 degrees yesterday, an all time high. People have been going crazy.

Today I was having a bit of a fat girl moment and decided to eat some frosting and chocolate animal crackers. "Wow," I thought to myself as I was eating the first delectable bite. "This frosting is really soft and nice. Usually after being in the fridge the frosting gets yucky and hard. Mmmmmm." I didn't think twice.

Then I decided to eat some potato salad straight out of the container. It, too, tasted warmer than it should.

At that point I stuck my head in the fridge and started frantically feeling things. Things were not ice cold. Wine was gathering condensation. I began to panic. I open the freezer. The ice cubes are half ice, half puddles.

Shit. Shit shit.

The first thing I do? Switch the plug of the fridge from one outlet to another. Maybe that will help, right? I decide to calm down for a bit.

After checking again, I realized that no, it has not worked. Panic. Call several refrigerator repair places. All have a fee of $50+ just to come look at it. The earliest that one can get here is "between eight and five tomorrow." This is incredibly convenient, as I can definitely take a day off to wait for a repair person. Right? WRONG. Who the hell do they think I am?

There is a complete lack of information when it comes to Seattle Fridge Repair people. Frustrated, I type in FRIDGE REPAIR, like that, in all caps, hoping to find some big asshole corporate company who will come, do something simple and then charge me up the ass.

Instead, I found a nice little article about things to try when your fridge isn't working! "Wow! I could do this myself," I thought. It tells me to dust the coils. I then google "How to dust fridge coils" and came across this:

Awesome dude who shows me how to dust my fridge coils on youtube.

I proceed to vacuum under the fridge. And dust under the fridge. And vacuum more. And dust more. Finally, I took a hair dryer and blew the shit out of the underside of the fridge.

And I'm not positive, but it seems to be working better. I'm going to sleep on it and check it out in the morning. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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Anonymous said...

Stacy, we moved to our new building at work and on Monday Best Buy delivered our fridge. Did they bother to install the ice maker? Uh, no! So I called on Tuesday and was on hold for a HALF AN HOUR only to be transfered to voicemail. And then again on Wednesday. And then Thursday. And Friday.

May I just send out a big F*CK YO* to Bellevue Best Buy? Last I heard, they "may be by on Monday."

In the meantime, I have a handful of very cranky engineers and no ice cubes to cool them down.