Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some good jeans.

I just spent way, way too much money on jeans.

I am brand loyal to some things. Jeans is one of them. I really like Lucky Jeans. They say "Lucky You" under the zipper, come with a fortune in the pocket, and fit really nice. They also last a long time--I have been wearing my first pair since 2004. Of course, I don't wear them very often, but they still do me well.

I have lost a little bit of weight in the past year, so my most recent pair of Lucky Jeans was getting a little big. I needed something new. Something sexy. Some well fitting jeans.

Of course, I didn't want to pay full price for them. So, as I usually do, I waited for Lucky's sale that happens twice per year. Twice per year most of their jeans are fifty percent off!

I went in and picked out a whole bunch of pairs. I tried them all on. Only one pair fit really well. I brought it up to the extremely hot dude at the cash register. He rang me up. It was....$140.

"$140?!" I screeched. "I thought they were half off!" Of course, the only nice fitting pair were NOT on sale. Stupid. Stupid. The salesboy then looked at me with his blue blue eyes and told me that he would go look and see if they went on sale any time soon. When he returned, he informed me that he did not.

And you know what? I bought them anyway. I am a little ashamed. $140 is too much for jeans. But, they are an investment. I believe that if you are going to buy something, you should buy something that you really love for a lot of money than something you kind of love for a little money.

I could've bought the half off jeans. But I wouldn't have wanted to wear them nearly as much as I do these ones. I had been looking for a while. And believe me, Goodwill does not have well-fitting jeans, let alone well fitting Lucky jeans.

Plus, buying these jeans helped hot salesboy get some commission, I hope.

So you may think I am frivolous. Foolish. Not frugal. And I might agree.

But less than a week after I got the jeans my friend's friend told me that my ass was amazing. Case closed.

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CHAD said...

Sheeeeeeeee's got on some gooooooood jeans