Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Financial Goals for the Year

I've got big dreams.

1. Save $10,000 for a condo down payment by January 1, 2009. (If the market gets low enough so it is worth it to buy now rather than later, I will get temporary parental help and begin paying that off accordingly.)

2. Go on a vacation. Use only money from my vacation fund to go on that vacation. Vacation fund was started today. Current balance: $100. San Francisco and/or LA, here I come!

3. Any money I get back from my job for mileage goes into my New Car Fund.

4. Keep a small fund for unexpected expenses/emergencies. Dip into Condo Down Payment fund in event of a major emergency. Hopefully there will be none of those. Use credit card as last resort for emergencies.

5. Do not wrack up credit card debt. Continue to build awesome credit.

6. Continue to save for retirement so that I will be able to live comfortably when I get older.

7. Once I have saved the appropriate amount for the above things, I am allowed to buy stupid things, such as expensive jeans, coffee shop drinks, alcohol, and fancy clothes. However, I am NOT allowed to buy these things if they cut into my savings or put me into debt. I figure that I am putting so much away that I can spend the rest on whatever I damn well please. While still being frugal. And bringing my lunch to work every day.

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