Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taking Advantage of Extras

My wonderful new job comes equipped with all sorts of benefits and extras. I'm excited to start exploring these and finding new ways to save.

One of them is mileage. My job pays a good rate for any driving I do that is necessary for my job. (This should be standard, but sadly, it is not--I have driven for jobs for years and this is the first time that I have gotten actual mileage.) Right now I think it is around 51 cent per mile. I have been doing a lot of extra driving these past couple of weeks while I am still training.

My plan? At the end of the month, I will turn in my mileage card. I have been tracking closely and writing everything down ASAP so that I will not forget where and when I drove for work. When I get the mileage reimbursement check, it will go into a high-interest savings account that will eventually pay for a new car. It's unlikely that I will be able to buy a new car on mileage checks alone, but hey, it can't hurt. At this point of the month I have been at my job for eight days. So far I have driven about 150 miles for work. That is $76, which is sweet.

Another good benefit is a resource called Enhanced Benefits Group. I have already called them to talk about mortgages. I am hoping to buy a condo, so I talked to some sort of a mortgage counselor on Friday to see what my price range should be.

I also will have access to what's called a VEBA Account. Each month, I am allotted $712 for benefits. But, I am only using about $600 of those. The remaining money will go into a VEBA Account, which I can use to pay other health care related costs. I am hoping to pay for part of my weekly acupuncture visits with it.

I am finding that there is a lot offered through my job. The key is knowing what your resources are and taking advantage of them. I am sure that some people of the agency aren't aware of all the ways that these things can work for them. I'm excited to get started.

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