Saturday, December 13, 2008

Once a Month Grocery Shopping - Update

Remember when I bought groceries for the whole month at the beginning of the month? Yeah.

It's gone pretty well so far. I have actually made it until now without eating out once. Which is good! I am allowed to eat out, of course, on the weekends, but I have had enough food at my house so that I have not needed to.

The menu helps a LOT. Knowing what I will be eating the next day comes in super helpful. Although, sometimes I schedule myself pretty tightly and don't have time to cook. When that happens I will make something easy off the menu and just make more of it so that it lasts longer.

For example, on Monday night I am supposed to babysit, which I did not originally plan for. So I will probably not make vegetable soup. Instead, maybe I will make stir fry or pasta. Or, perhaps I will make vegetable soup on Sunday night and have enough for two days.

I am quite happy with my results so far. I have gone to the produce stand twice. It is on the way home from the new job, so it is not out of the way any more. Besides that, I haven't needed to buy anything at the grocery store! Yay!

Another advantage is that when I am hungry, I know I have enough food to make SOMETHING. Before, even though I was spending a lot of money on groceries, I wouldn't have anything to make because it was all random and unplanned. Now I have several staples for several meals.

Yes. I will let you know if I make it until the end of the month...

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