Sunday, December 14, 2008

How To Get What You Want By Using Yelp

If you're like me, you don't want to waste your money on someone mean, lazy, or just bad.

With the help of, I am able to avoid money-wasting, meanness, laziness and badness more and more often.

Yelp is a website where you can type in something you need (examples: acupuncture, dentist, shoe repair) and read reviews of business that do those things. Each business has a star rating, as given by readers, and reviews by readers specifying why they gave a place a good or bad review.

For example, I wanted to go to acupuncture. So I looked up "acupuncture" in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, which is where I live. I found affordable acupuncture with five stars. I have been going there for six months now and it is wonderful.

Another example: when shopping for insurance for my new job, I had the choice between the coverage of Washington Dental or Willamette Dental. Willamette Dental was a far better deal, but you could only go to Willamette Dentists. I looked up the Willamette Dental center by my house, which got horrible reviews. Another Willamette Dental center in Kirkland also got horrible reviews. I decided to save myself the heartache and go with Washington Dental. Even though it is a more expensive plan, you can go anywhere you want. And I, personally, enjoy a nice dentist rather than an evil one.

I have also found a great shoe repair place, tea shop, and vet through Yelp. I've also reviewed many places that have treated me really good--or bad.

Yelp really is a great tool to help weed out the places that you DON'T want to go, and find places that might just become your favorites.

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