Tuesday, December 9, 2008


What would you buy if you had an extra $212 dollars each month for a year?

I would buy the following things:

January: A Zune Mp3 Player
February: A lot of Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume (It is my signature scent and discontinued--I'm stocking up)
March: Books
April: A ton of cheap clothes from H&M and Forever 21
May: Cds
June: A plane ticket to San Francisco
July: Dinner out three times a week
August: A fancy drink from Sureshot every day
September: Hella Booze
October: A new TV
November: Expensive shoes
December: A whole bunch of meaningless crap for everyone else

And you get the point. I can't even think of how much crap I would buy with an extra $212 a month. Of course, I could always spend it on useful things. But what is considered useful?

I just started a new job, complete with a retirement plan. $212 is the amount that will be put away each month. I will up this next year when my salary goes up. But, even if I don't up it, I will be in good shape by retirement. Why?

According to some retirement calculator online...

"Your 457 could be worth $932,845 after 40 years"

So yes! Instead of having a bunch of stupid clothes, electronics, dinners out and coffees that I will just get tired of or digest, I will have almost a million dollars.

And you won't. Unless you get started saving. NOW!

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