Sunday, November 30, 2008

Stopping for pedestrians is costly.

But it IS the it is considerate.

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Today I called a pedestrian an asshole.
I drive a car. I know, I know. Cars are bad. Cars are bad for the environment. They're expensive. Blah blah. But a lot of the time, when walking somewhere is not practical, I drive my car.

Today was one of those days. I decided to buy a TON of groceries (to last me the whole month!) so I drove my car so that I could take them all home.

On the way home from my huge grocery trip, I stopped for you, the pedestrian I called an asshole. I stopped so that you could cross the street. Why? First, because I THINK it’s the law. (Don’t pedestrians always have the right-of-way? I’m pretty sure. Maybe this guy knows something I don’t, though.) Second, it’s considerate. Yes, law-abiding and considerate.

What makes it even MORE considerate is that it cuts into my fuel efficiency to do unnecessary stopping and going. Of course, because it is the law (as far as I know) it is not unnecessary for me to stop for pedestrians.

But, it IS unnecessary for me to stop when you CHOSE NOT TO WALK. I guess that’s a choice you can make freely. Of course it is. But it is a completely inconsiderate one. What, are you too GOOD to cross the street in front of my old beater car? Are you trying to be considerate by letting ME go? Well, guess what? It is NOT considerate for you to let me go first. Why? Because it wastes my time, my gas, and essentially, my money.
Today it was also wasting the time, gas and money of the drivers lined up behind me who honked. Embarrassing! I’m not sure if they were honking at me because I looked like an asshole for waiting for some asshole who clearly wouldn’t go, even though he was obviously wanting to cross the street, or if they were honking at your for wasting their time (and money, and gas, etc.)

Anyway, guy that I called an asshole this morning, you are not alone! This happens to me pretty frequently. So, all you pedestrians who are trying to be considerate by letting me go first—don’t! When I stop, politely wave, and then go! I will appreciate that SO much more than you letting me go. Actually, most of the time I won’t go—I will sit and sit and sit there until finally you decide to go, after wasting everyone’s time. And sometimes it takes a LONG time to realize that I am not going anywhere until you fucking CROSS THE STREET. (Today I did not play that game because of the people waiting and honking behind me.)

P.S. I actually think I called you a “fucking asshole” within my car. You definitely picked up on this, because as I drove away I saw you looking at me. Maybe in fear. Who knows.

(I posted this and then it got flagged. So I change the headline and wording a little bit and reposted. We'll see how that one goes...)

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