Thursday, November 20, 2008

Save Money AND The Environment

One of the seemingly eccentric frugal things that I do is hang dry my laundry. Well, I guess a lot of people do it, so it's okay, but it makes me feel a little bit eccentric.

Plus, I don't hang dry ALL of it. I normally do two loads of laundry every week or two. One of these loads I designate for things that can and will go in the dryer. (Mostly towels--I tried to hang dry those once and they got kind of yucky.) The second load is for stuff that I can and will hang dry--mostly dresses, shirts, tights, and slips.

When I made the decision to hang dry laundry, I search my 624 Square Foot Apartment for a place to do it. I didn't really find anything. I decided that I had to be creative. Very creative. And this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Over the Door Hanger

This is an "Over-The-Door" Hanger. I got it at the Salvation Army a few years back. I hang coats on it, normally...

Step 2: Laundry Basket
I put a laundry basket on the Over the Door Hanger. The hooks of the hanger fit into the holes on the laundry basket

3. Hang the clothes
I hang the clothes from hangers. Once they're all dry, I can just hang them in the closet! Sometimes I will also use clothespins to hang things like tights and slips from the holes. If needed, I will run a fan to circulate the air (this is right by my front door and in my hallway, so sometimes it needs some circulation.)

This doesn't save me much money--usually $1 to $2 per load, which is what it costs to dry a load in my apartment building. But, hey, $1 to $2 is better than nothing, and it also helps the environment.

It's funny though--whenever I am walking down the street in my neighborhood, homeless people ask me for money. I never give it to them. I always just say "Sorry" when asked, but inside my head I say "I didn't just spend 20 minutes hang drying my laundry so that I could give you the dollar!"

Also, I can't overload this laundry basket hanging dryer. It has gotten too heavy before and fallen. A lot of times I will hang some dresses and skirts from my shower rod as well so that the load is lightened.

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