Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not Ruling Very Hard. (Or "When Life Gives You Lemons, Get a New Job")

Hi Friends!

I've missed you! As you can probably tell by the title, I haven't been ruling very hard lately. It's quite sad. But, I plan to start ruling again soon. Let's talk about it!

I have had a hard go at work for a while now. My job is quite stressful. I have been a manager, meaning I am the one to pick up the slack when we are understaffed (which we frequently are) or when anything out of the ordinary happens. It was fun at first, with all the responsibility, but after a while it just became unhealthy. I do not think that humans are meant to work even EIGHT hours a day, let alone ten. And I have been working ten a lot of days.

This has affected my work in many ways. I am less focused and get less done. It's affected my home and financial life, too. I have gotten sick twice in two months and also gotten a bit out of control with my spending this month. Some examples:

1. Ooo, you know American Apparel? Well, it is a super cool store where you can buy super-overpriced but supposedly ethical and super cute cotton wear! Anyway, about that. I bought a sweet and soft gray cardigan there. I love it, and I will wear it often, but geez. I really couldn't afford it and didn't really NEED it. Luckily, I only buy a few things there a year. And no wonder--the cardigan cost me $44 plus tax! But, when you're overworked and it is Veteran's Day and you are out buying expensive coffee and looking at stores with a friend, it SEEMS like a good idea.

2. Ditto on all the other clothing items I have bought this month. Definitely cute, but unnecessary. (None are quite as expensive as the Overpriced Apparel cardigan, though.)

3. You know when it's Friday night and it seems like a WONDERFUL idea to go to a gay bar and spend a ton of money? Yeah, well, it's actually NOT. It's fun while it lasts, but then you wake up with an awful hangover and a credit card reciept. Maybe MAYBE every once in a while, and that's how I usually do it, but please. I cannot make this with a habit.

4. Ditto on going to the fancy drink place down the street.

5. Dining out is a great source of fun when you've worked all week! And with an Entertainment Book it is super cheap! Right?! Well, kind of. I bought an Entertainment Book, which has already paid for itself. This is lovely, but should NOT be used as an excuse to eat out a LOT.

In addition to all this fun stuff, my computer broke! While this is happy, because I hated that computer...I had to buy a new one. I managed to get what I was looking for for a good price, AND I have an emergency fund for expenses just like this. But, it is still an unexpected expense that doesn't feel quite amazing.

But, my friends, GOOD NEWS! I can start ruling at life hard again soon. Tomorrow is Pay Day, and I will be turning over a new leaf. (Well, not quite new, because I'm not TOTALLY out of control, but newish.) And then, three days after Pay Day is Thanksgiving, and then after Thanksgiving...


Yes! Thank you! My new job has benefits (not only benefits--Amazing benefits!) pays more hourly, and has SUMMERS OFF! Granted, the money will be less yearly, but I am hoping to supplement with some kind of a chill and fun summer job. And even better news--I will only be working eight hours per day! The work is much more along the lines of what I want to do, and will hopefully be more interesting--I won't be stuck in an office all day. I'm also hoping for less stress, but I'll keep you posted on that one.

Anyway, I am quite grateful for the change of pace and hope to have more time to keep up with this blog. I will keep you updated about how to Rule at Life. Check back soon!

PS That Girl is not me. I am not an American Apparel Model. Thank God.

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