Saturday, November 22, 2008

Garage Sale

Today a friend and I tried to have a garage sale. Unfortunately, we chose the COLDEST DAY EVER. I am also still feeling sick, so that didn't help.

We sold four things: a necklace, two cds, and a Joey Fatone Bobblehead Doll. The JFBD cost seventy-five cents. I told the guy who picked it up that Joey was on Dancing with the Stars. That really sold him. Also, on the price tag, under where it said the price, I wrote "super hot."

So, that was awesome.

Other than that, we didn't last too long because it was FREEZING. We brought all the stuff to Goodwill. It was a lot of stuff, but it was okay, because that is less stuff in my house to worry about. Thank goodness!

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