Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to Ruling at Life!

Hello. Stacy here. I am starting a blog to share my ideas about how to rule at life.

My version of ruling at life has several aspects and may be completely different from yours. Mostly, I am here to share my ideas on how to live cheaply, efficiently and happily.

I mean, I don't save THAT much money, but I am working on it. My goal is to have a down payment for a condo within the next five years. I work in Early Childhood Education, which is traditionally a VERY low paying field, so it is proving to be a challenge.

But, everyone has to have goals, right? My goal is to share my insight on how to do things somewhat inexpensively in a creative manner while still recognizing what is important.

I am by no means a frugal expert or anything like that. Mostly, I just have fun talking about personal finance, lecturing my friends and bragging about good deals. Plus, I recently saw a tarot card reader who told me that I could make some money writing and that I should start a blog.

So here goes.

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