Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oh, dental.

One thing that you should know about me is that I am uninsured. I don't really want to be uninsured, but it is just how things have worked out up until this point. Generally though, if you're healthy and don't have any severe accidents, being uninsured is cheaper. So that's good. But, it is risky.

Anyway, my teeth hurt. I went to the dentist in July, after not having gone for a while. He told me that I have several cavities that need to be fixed. All in all, it will be around $2400 worth of work. I wasn't happy. I actually cried, in front of them, which is always lovely. That dentist is actually pretty condescending and seems shady anyway.

After trying to get into a low income dental clinic (which didn't work, because I am not low-income enough) I decided to get a second opinion elsewhere. Hopefully the second opinion will tell me if shady-condescending man was quoting me for things that I didn't really need done.
I don't want to spend $2400 on my teeth. I don't even HAVE $2400 to spend on anything right now. But, if I can find someone who will work on me, be considerate and kind AND be flexible payment wise, I will be good.

It will be nice if I can get a cheaper quote. But, if not, I would much rather spend my two-plus-grand at a place with caring staff. And, if they work out, they will be getting another two grand from me in the near future. You see, I think my wisdom teeth are coming in....

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Jon said...

I am having this problem myself right now, it's quiet concerning. I know it wouldn't be for a while, but I am hoping something is going to chance come November. That's a bad long term plan though...