Sunday, October 5, 2008

Coffee is frivolous. So what?

The first entry in my debit card register on Wednesday, October 1st is an ATM Withdrawl. This makes sense. I am allowed one coffee drink on Wednesdays from the Sureshot Cafe. "But!" you might say "Getting coffee is expensive and wasteful and DEFINITELY not a way to rule at life by saving money! What are you thinking, getting coffee once a week?"

I am thinking that I like getting coffee. Well, not coffee, exactly. I purchase what is called White Coffee, a different kind of coffee drink. I usually get it with soy milk and some sort of flavoring. It runs around $4 after I tip my attractive barista.

Yes, I could make my own white coffee at home. I could brew it up, add my own syrup and make it cheaply. But I do not. Why not? Because mostly I go get coffee for the experience. It is worth the $4 per week, $16 per month, and $192 per year for me to get away from work, buy some caffeinated goodness, attempt to flirt with the attractive barista, and drink a comforting drink. It just is. It is not cheap, but it is worth it.

Luckily, I get the most out of my visit to Sureshot by trying to only go on Wednesdays. Why Wednesdays? Because on Wednesdays they stamp my little card TWICE. That's right, it is double stamp day. Doing it this way helps me to get my free white coffee TWICE as fast. This is a smart move toward a weekly purchase that may be considered not so smart.

(I found th picture on Google Image Search. It is from someone's Flickr.)

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