Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Curb is a Goldmine!

Over the past couple of days, I have found some lovely things on the curb. Come to think of it, over the past couple of MONTHS I have found some lovely things on the curb.

On Monday night my friend Chad and I were walking down John Street on Capitol Hill in Seattle when we came across a box. Oh, and boxes mean good things. This one was mostly full of foam packing peanuts, but it also contained some magazines and a pair of almost new red flats. Now, I know what you're thinking--FOOT FUNGUS! Oh, probably. But you know what I have to say about that? Bring it on. BRING IT ON!

(Actually, I am already having a lot of problems with my foot related to severe eczema. While I am definitely going to wipe these shoes out with Lysol or something, I think it is damn near impossible for the condition of the skin on my foot to get any worse. So whatevs.)

Anyway, it looks like these flats have been worn maybe once. I really should get a picture up in here, but I'm not quite to that stage yet in my blogging. Anyway, they are cute. And guess what else? I actually really needed a new pair of red shoes. During my younger years I wore all heels. They started to give me bunions, so I have slowly been replacing all of my shoes with flats of a different color. And I hadn't replaced my red ones yet. So score.

Then, yesterday, I came across a patch of grass on the curb three blocks away from my house. This patch of grass contained many items, the most notable being a collection of THREE hair dryers. Three!

I am actually pretty opposed to hair dryers, as I think drying your hair is a waste of time and bad for your hair, but still, it can't hurt to have one just in case, especially with winter coming up. It is also good for when you have guests over--I felt bad when my lovely friend visited from California and I had to break to her that I didn't own a hair dryer.

Out of the three, I chose a purple one, because purple is my favorite color. I plugged it in today and it didn't electrocute me or kill me (yet). I take this as a good sign, and also maybe a gift from God.

The other thing I found was a little sampler kit of Burt's Bees products. Yes, those expensive-ass, yummy smelling, slightly yuppie creams and soaps and lotions and whatnot. (I'm also sure they are organic. Whoop-de-do.)

I know what you may be thinking: Gross! But guess what? This little bag of products was all unused! Sealed and everything. So I took the little kit home and used it. It included a bar of "shampoo soap", shower soap, toner, face wash, foot cream, body lotion and cuticle cream. I used almost all of them, except for the cuticle cream, because I already have some of that (I get it for Christmas most years.)

And let me tell you, I like the stuff. The shampoo soap bar made my hair a bit greasy, but still good. The cuticle cream (when I do get around to using it) is a great way to kill time when you're in class or whatever. It really is a treat to find unused Burt's Bee's products on the side of the road.

Then, finally, I found a cute patterned Old Navy tank top on Broadway by a dumpster today. (Again, I know what you may be thinking. And again, BRING ON THE SCABIES. I mean, not really. But of course I will wash it before I wear it.) This tank top will most likely be a great addition to my wardrobe. And, if it isn't, I got it for free, so I didn't waste any money on it.

Basically, don't hesitate to do some of your shopping freely from the curbside. You may be surprised at what you find. You also may get scabies, but whatever. You could also get scabies at Nordstrom from trying on clothes after someone else has. (It is important to note that scabies can happen to anyone. It is highly contagious and affects everyone, regardless of age and income level.)


chad said...

i found a free coffee pot by my dumpster the other day, after about a month of wishing for a free coffee pot. the pot was broken but whatever. let's add that to the list of testimonials. also, can we add "scabies" to your tag pool? -chad

bunnywoah said...

Jackie O you kill me. Good to know I'll have a hair dryer next time I come over.
SF has some great curbside deals. I will never forget the time #2 came over to my house with a pair of skis.